A. Maire Dinsmore

A Maire Dinsmore

A. Maire (MOY-rə) Dinsmore joined the Blysster Press crew in 2012. Her debut novel ‘Planet Bound’ is a military science fiction novel released in January of 2014. In 2013 she released three short stories in the ‘Blyssfully Abnormal’ Anthology, a collaboration between the Blysster Press authors exploring what happens when normal situations go horribly awry. The collection includes ‘The Medallion’, ‘The Bond of Sisters’ & the author’s personal favorite, ‘Crated Glory’.

A. Maire currently lives in the Seattle area, originally from Anchorage Alaska. She has passed her unique personality traits onto her two children; son Christian and daughter Ashleigh. When she is not writing or reading, she is most often found surrounded by friends. She serves as the High Priestess of Biohazard Party; running the show & keeping the madness in check.




PO Box 344
Bothell WA 98041-0271

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