Rustycon 2015


Last weekend I spent at Rustycon 32. I had a BLAST, as usual, and am already looking forward to next year. 

I was on panel with Author Guest of Honor Timothy Zahn, best known for his ten Star Wars novels. I also got the opportunity to be on a panel with Timothy W. Long, who wrote the Zombie Wilson Diaries. We had a chance to talk after the panel and he was really nice, very supportive and very insightful.

A. Maire Dinsmore & Todd McCaffrey at Rustycon 32

A. Maire Dinsmore & Todd McCaffrey at Rustycon 32

After meeting him last year at Rustycon, I met up again with Todd McCaffrey and I had a slight mental breakdown in the hallway during our conversation. He graciously accepted a copy of my book (checking off a life goal) and proved himself to be one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. 

Crypticon 2014


ArA'Kus at Crypticon

Every year I attend Crypticon Seattle, both as an author with Blysster Press and as the High Priestess of Biohazard. Pulling double duty makes for an extremely long weekend. During the day you can likely find me in Author’s Alley, manning the Blysster Press table with my fellow authors, though I’m a terrible table sitter (I constantly have to leave the table to deal with something, so they put me on the end with a space so I can escape when I need to). I do enjoy the table time, though. I get to meet some great people – other authors, artists and readers – and have some really great conversations.

Across from our Blysster booth was Nick the Hat, who has an amazing vision and amazing artwork. It’s a pleasure to get to stare at his work all weekend [is it just me or does that sound dirty?].

Behind us was the QEW Publishing booth, where Quenton Shaw was a delight and kept me laughing all weekend. As a bonus, he had some awesome comics and I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on them [my world for a disposable income...even a small one!] in the future. I also met Kyle Shold at the QEW booth, whose artistic ability I am not ashamed to say I kind of fan-girled over.

After a full day of booth-ing (it’s a new verb), it was time to head over to the Mercer room and get the party ready. Biohazard runs from 9pm to 2 am and is a madhouse. By the time midnight rolls around, I feel about sixty years old and ready to pass out. Nine times out of ten, though, I head down to the hotel room and by the time I get the door unlocked, my second wind kicks in and I head back up to the party. We had an amazing group of volunteers this year, and I want to give a special shout out to Scare Productions who once again, gave us a helping hand – they really stepped up and literally, the party wouldn’t have been as awesome without you.

I always wish I have the time for panels or to check out the movie premieres, or a few bucks to get some signed photos. But I got a zombie flower pot [now that one I won't kill!] from my lovely Tammy and as always, I had a wonderful time. This year’s Crypticon was better than all the previous combined and I am already anticipating 2015.

World Building & Manuscripts


World building is a never-ending process. Especially when you’re building a world in which you’re planning on writing six books. I am thrilled to report that the writing of my manuscript, given the work-in-progress title ‘Feathers’, is progressing wonderfully. I should be completed with it sometime this summer and be well into edits this fall.

This is especially pleasing given the fact that I am registered for college as a full time student and classes are going well. Even math.

Recently I had the pleasure of doing an event with Diana Lanham at Verne & Wells, a social club for geeks in Kirkland, WA. I had a wonderful time and met some really great people. The club is interesting, they provide their members a place to relax and socialize, organize events monthly (like our round-table discussion on writing & publishing) and offer full concierge services among other perks. I am very much looking forward to hearing back from my new readers and to reading Diana’s book, The House of Aegea.

Meanwhile, it’s already June and time to start stocking the summer calendar. Luckily this one shouldn’t be too busy; with school and writing in addition to my kids, I’ll have enough time to keep my usual social life commitments.

What exciting events do you have planned for the summer? Any writing workshops? Book releases you’re looking forward to (I admit, I’m saving my pennies to get my copy of ‘Mr. Mercedes’!)? Let me know what you’ve got going on.

The Balance of Life


When I got laid off from my last job, I had to make a serious decision. Either I could find another position in customer service and continue with life as normal OR I could venture down a completely new and unknown path. I decided, after a lot of soul searching and evaluating of my life, that it was going to be in my and my children’s best interest that I choose the latter option. I registered for college for the first time ever to complete a certificate program. The plan is that after a year, I’ll have a better job so that I’ll be able to support my children and write without all the stress that living paycheck to paycheck put on my shoulders.

Because, let’s face it, I’ll never just live off my books.

And I’m okay with accepting that, because I write for me. Not because I want to be a famous, rich author or anything. The fact that I was ever published or that some people enjoy what I write are bonuses that I never expected.

It does, though, make my life incredibly stressful and that’s something that I am having a hard time adjusting to. But it’s only a year. It is having a terrible impact on my writing though and even though I kind of expected that, it’s not something that I am dealing with well.

One day at a time though.

The new book is coming along, slowly, but it’s emerging and I am really liking it so far.

Whirlwind of a Debut!


My novel was officially released on January 17th, 2014 and time seems to have flown by since then.

The weekend of the launch I was at Rustycon, enjoying my first experience as a Pro at a convention. The shipment of the books didn’t make it to me by the time I had to leave for the convention but I still had an amazing time. I met Todd McCaffrey, who was really nice and had a lot of insight, I sat on a few really good panels (some that were just odd and one that was a bust) and I got through the weekend despite the trepidation and nerves that built up in the weeks prior to the event.

On January 25th I held my official book launch party. While none of the reviewers from any of the local papers attended (not shocked at that, lol) I did have a lot more people show up than I expected and I nearly sold out of the copies I had on hand. I also sold several anthologies as well, so in all the event was a complete success.

Since then I’ve been laid up with my condition for the most part but I’ve recently started to work on my next project; book one of a Gothic YA series.

Currently I am giving away a signed copy of Planet Bound (see the sidebar over there —> for more information!) and looking at getting some ebooks out to reviewers as well.

I am super excited about my next project and hope that things work out in the future to get my pain levels under control so that I can concentrate on writing as much as possible.

Have you gotten your copy yet? What did you think?

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