One Step at a Time

Today I had a meeting with my advisor at my community college to update my educational plan. I’ve now got a rough idea of what classes I’ll be taking for the next year and a half on my quest to get a AA degree. It’s a transfer degree and I am... read more

Rustycon 2015

Last weekend I spent at Rustycon 32. I had a BLAST, as usual, and am already looking forward to next year.  I was on panel with Author Guest of Honor Timothy Zahn, best known for his ten Star Wars novels. I also got the opportunity to be on a panel with Timothy W.... read more

Crypticon 2014

Every year I attend Crypticon Seattle, both as an author with Blysster Press and as the High Priestess of Biohazard. Pulling double duty makes for an extremely long weekend. During the day you can likely find me in Author’s Alley, manning the Blysster Press... read more

World Building & Manuscripts

World building is a never-ending process. Especially when you’re building a world in which you’re planning on writing six books. I am thrilled to report that the writing of my manuscript, given the work-in-progress title ‘Feathers’, is... read more

The Balance of Life

When I got laid off from my last job, I had to make a serious decision. Either I could find another position in customer service and continue with life as normal OR I could venture down a completely new and unknown path. I decided, after a lot of soul searching and... read more

Whirlwind of a Debut!

My novel was officially released on January 17th, 2014 and time seems to have flown by since then. The weekend of the launch I was at Rustycon, enjoying my first experience as a Pro at a convention. The shipment of the books didn’t make it to me by the time I... read more

Cover Reveal!

My debut novel, Planet Bound, will be available January 17th from Blysster Press. To celebrate this momentous event, we’ve decided on a sale price of $10 for the paperback. Reserve your copy today! Click the image above to visit the Blysster Press store.... read more

Time passes too quickly.

I use Grammarly for english proofreading because having a tool that makes me a better writer is like using weapons when facing a dragon. You wouldn’t go empty-handed, would you? Though I haven’t updated this site in entirely too long (oh, my god, has it... read more

An interview by Smashwords

What is the greatest joy in writing for you? I usually always have a story forming in my head, no matter what I am doing. Writing allows me to let the story out while giving me the chance to fully form the details…

read more

Rolling & Flowing

It’s so odd how the smallest things can trigger a moment of pure inspiration. I love those times where I am minding my own business and suddenly there is a voice inside my head that is demanding to be heard, a story that is screaming to be told. A scene I can... read more

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