Planet Bound – A novel by A. Maire Dinsmore

Hundreds of years after the death of earth the Nations have built a thriving community of the lucky refugees who escaped the desolate planet on multiple space stations orbiting the atmosphere. The Global Air Defense has now finally achieved the ability for interstellar space travel, completing a space ship to travel the stars and find a new planet for the remaining human population.

To make their plan work, the GAD must trust an ally they’ve only ever treated as a second-class citizen: those left to fight to survive on earth.

This is the story of the search for a new home for humanity and the struggle of one woman’s cross between classes.

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Blyssfully Abnormal

Blyssfully Abnormal

Blyssfully Abnormal – Including three short stories by A. Maire Dinsmore

What happens when you take a group of writers, the most talented & twisted that you can find, and put them into one publishing house? They form into the strangest dysfunctional family we’ve ever seen. No one asked the question, but Charity found the answer.

So she wondered, what would happen if she gave us a list of seemingly normal situations and asked us to give them our own unique twist? The answer is the Blyssfully Abnormal anthology, a collection of stories that gives the reader a peek into the somewhat abnormal minds that bring us together.

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Crypticon 2012

Crypticon Decompositions 2012

Crypticon Seattle’s De-Compositions 2012 – Featuring the FIRST PLACE story Experimental Procedure by A. Maire Dinsmore

Featuring the short story Experimental Procedure, winner of the writing contest, in addition to an exciting collection of the winning stories.


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Crypticon 2011

Crypticon Decompositons 2011

Crypticon Seattle’s De-Compositions 2011 – Featuring the first published story by A. Maire Dinsmore – Awakening!

Featuring the short story Awakening, the first short story in publication by A. Maire Dinsmore in addition to an exciting collection of the winning stories.


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Crated Glory

Crated Glory

Crated Glory – A Blyssfully Abnormal Short Story

A member of the infamous Denish family, Nadine knows how to keep her smuggling business off the radar of the Factor. She’s worked hard to gain a favorable reputation outside of that of her father and brothers. But at a refuel stop during a particularly dangerous mission, Nadine gets some information that leaves her ready to throw all that aside.


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Bond of Sisters

The Bond of Sisters

The Bond of Sisters – A Blyssfully Abnormal Short Story

This murder mystery looks into the tragic death of Ann’s husband Charles, during a group vacation to the San Juan islands.


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The Medallion

The Medallion

The Mediallian – A Blyssfully Abnormal Short Story

When Trin was given the medallion as a child, he was told it was a talisman for hunters that could save his life. He’d never found the need to test the superstition until he is well into adulthood. When he does, however, it works in a way he could have never imagined.

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Experimental Procedure

Experimental Procedure

Experimental Procedure – WINNER of the 2012 Crypticon Seattle Writing Contest!

Walking home from work late one night, Gail accepts a ride from a stranger. When she wakes up, she thinks she is just in an unknown place but she soon realizes that she may not know even who she is or what life she belongs to.

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